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Solars And Invertors

CABNET Technologies provide the installation of solar panels and inventors to generate solar energy and store energy for use when needed

Over the last few years, clients have expressed interest in alternative power and backup solutions for their systems and infrastructure. In the case of alternative power, CABNET Technologies Limited supplies and installs solar/wind power systems and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Inverters (with deep cycle batteries) for our backup power solutions.

CABNET Technologies has solar power systems to provide alternative power per client request. Our solar power systems cover the following:

Solar Power for Commercial & Residential Spaces (offices, retail complexes, homes, etc) 

These systems help reduce utility costs by significant proportions and pay off within short to medium term. 

Solar Air Conditioning Systems (all-grid solar air conditioners & grid tied solar air conditioners)

These facilitate the reduction in utility costs caused by air conditioners and ensure fully or semi independent power for your air conditioning.

Solar Powered Water systems (solar water pumps for potable water, storage, irrigation and remote construction) 

Our solar powered water systems can provide potable water for rural and urban use, water for irrigation and agricultural demands and water for construction needs. 

We have available: 

Panels of all sizes and capacities, 



    Deep cycle batteries

 Turnkey Wind Power Solutions 

We also supplies and installs turnkey wind power systems either as an alternative power source or main power. Our installations are scalable and mostly tailored to a customer’s fit. Maintenance and support are also part of the entire project life of installation 

Backup Power Solutions 

Our backup power solutions include UPS and inverters with deep cycle batteries. Our inverters are pure sine wave inverters with in-built chargers. They provide longer- lasting power to your equipment and accurate automatic switch over when the main power supply goes off. Our range of inverters has: 

 Output capacity raging from 1000VA and above 

Input power of 12V, 24V, 48V DC 


Business Address

Cabnet Technologies Limited
P.O.Box LG 496
University of Ghana
Legon - Accra
Ghana - West Africa

 Office Address

Plot No.22
Oriens Street, Suite 102, Frafraha
Adenta - Accra